Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I need to point out.

First is the 27th. Yesterday was the 26th. (Heh...did you know that?)

Anyway, exactly ONE MONTH from yesterday is September 26....the Opening Day of The Great State Fair of Texas.

So what that means is this: the holidays start in just a few short weeks.

In preparations, my hubby and I took our 2 youngest cherubs....heh...who am I kidding? My hubby took ME to Garden Ridge to check out their Christmas stuff. Yes, it's up! WOOHOO!

I grinned, giggled and squealed and was delighted in the excitement in the eyes of my children. My 3rd ran from section to section, waving his arms around, yelling "LOOK AT THIS! LOOK AT THIS!"

I only had one small issue with one of the hubby. :(

He does get a bit frustrated with me....we had a few words of discussion (which is typical). He loves Christmas, don't get me wrong. But he loves it a bit cheaper and contained in the month of December. Every year we go through the same thing:

"Honey? Will you go look at Christmas stuff with me?"

"Do I have to?"

"NO, you don't have to, but I would like you to."

"OK, but please don't ask me again."

*sigh....and by the middle of the season ( the end of September, I stop asking for his participation.)

Anyway, this day was a bit worse. Keep in mind, I have stopped drinking Dr Pepper. Perhaps I'm a bit "feistier" than normal....alright, there is a name for it, and it ain't "feisty." I was a bit cranky.

In the end, he promised me a bit of allowance (both monetary and approval) if I promised not to bother...I mean INVITE him on, what will surely be, my NUMEROUS holiday outings.

I love my humbug, I mean HUBBY.....he isn't a humbug really, but compared to me?'s the yearly dance....The Christmas Can-Can!



Alicia @ said...

Every time I come to your blog I see that little ticker on the left side and I say, "I better get shopping!!!" I think I will start very soon....this year we arent doing much as we have a baby on the way and things we need to buy!!

Anonymous said...

I can not wait until the Fair...
Ok, I think I love Christmas and decorations as much as you do :-)
so when hubby doesn't want to go just call me and we can make it a fun girls outing.

Anonymous said...

Ok, LL, I do love you and you know this, BUT I have to agree with your husband. I can't enjoy Halloween because, Thanksgiving is being stuffed in my face. I can't enjoy Thanksgiving because Christmas is stuffed in my face. Heck, I can't even enjoy the 4th of July because all three of the previous mentioned holidays are already being stuffed in my face. Lets take one holiday at a time and enjoy it.

LL - sit down for this, put your feet up and breathe into a paper bag. The Christmas season is not suppose to start until the day after Thanksgiving. Somebody get LL a cold wash cloth!

Ashley said...

You know I love this post!!! It is so exciting to see the Christmas stuff out, isn't it?? :)

Anonymous said...

NO NO!!! I am with you on the Dr Pepper thing, but Christmas??? No!!! Not yet!! It's still hot here! I won't even look at Christmas patterns for stitching or material!!!