Saturday, August 23, 2008


Tomorrow (the 24th) is my husband's and my wedding anniversary. Seventeen years we have been married. We dated for about 4 years before that. Knew each other for many years before that. We are 37 and have known each other for 31 of those 37 years.

My sweet man and I have a great marriage. In fact, looking at all the people we know...and I mean ALL of them, I would say that our relationship is better than theirs. There are many reasons for this, I'm sure.

One reason is that we have, from the very beginning, put God as the center of our marriage and our family. If you are a person who does NOT have God as the center of your marriage....well, please don't go around giving advice.

Another reason is the respect, not just love, that we have for each other. I recognize him as the head of our household. That does not mean that I have no say in what goes on. He will ask my feelings on matters...and I share with him honestly and openly. But, in the end, what he says, goes. Some of you may think this is archaic, but......whatever. I don't really care what you think. HA....which is another reason we are doing so well. ;)

Another big reason is this: I married my best friend. I'm not just being mushy. I know everyone
says they married their best friend, but really? I mean...REALLY? So, if you INSIST that you married your best friend, let me ask you this.....was he/she your best friend when you married? Or did he/she become your best the hole-y undies you just can't seem to give up?

THAT is what I'm talking about. DH and I were best friends before we married, and it only go better from there. We have each other's best interests at heart (refer to the DP dilemma), and can share anything without fear of judgment. That is a very happy place to be.

Now....let's walk back in time.

One story from the past is this: when we were in about 2nd grade, I guess, DH and his friend were playing. The dad of the friend told these 2 boys, "You know? One of these days, one of you is going to marry ~LL~." They both laughed, and said the obligatory, "EWWWW!" (actually, DH distinctly remembers stating that I was weird. HA...serves him right.) The other boy? He is our dentist. :-D

OK...this first picture is of a first grade Easter egg hunt. It's really hard to see clearly. (If you click on the picture, you can see a bigger photo.) Do you see the little girl on the right? She is wearing the white sweater. That is me. Do you know who took the picture? My hubby's mother. Now....being in a small town, it is easy to list the names of the children on the picture. There were 2 names listed. The first is DH's sister (she is the 3 year old...she is with the small grouping of 3 girls to my right (your left)). My name is the 2nd name listed. Hmmmmm......

Fast forward about 4 years to my 10th birthday party. I had a big roller skating party. My mother even made me a snazzy new, pink, skating dress. Those are my classmates standing around me as I open presents. See the strapping young lad in the super-cool silver and black jacket? That is my DH. (Heh...every time he sees this picture he says, "I loved that jacket. That was a cool jacket." Ly, one of my readers, is in the striped shirt standing right in front of me. (Incidentally, I used to have crush on the kid with his finger in his mouth. So strong was my love for him, that his name was written on the bottom of my shoe. *sigh*)

This next picture is of the 2 of us at our Junior Prom. *sigh* Isn't he a handsome guy? Yes, they allowed mustaches in school.....and guns in our trucks and pocket and butterfly knives in our pockets. (By the way, I promised DH that you would not tease him about his Superman curl. You can't see it, but tucked neatly underneath his tuxedo is his red cape ! ;) )

Now THIS picture is from Homecoming of our Senior year: 1988. DH is in the pale yellow shirt and I'm standing right next to him. I was a twirler...explaining the outfit I'm wearing. He was NHS Beau, and I was Choir and Lions Club Sweetheart. (Les.....who are you lookin' at? ;) )

Finally, here we are getting hitched. AWWWWWWWW......


And finally, a recent picture. Older, fluffier, definitely wiser, and more in love than ever.

Happy anniversary, my love. I pray we have many happy years ahead of us.

I love you!


Anonymous said...

I love you too!


Cammie said...

Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary and may you have many more blessed ones ahead and I know you will!

Anonymous said...

Awww Happy anniversary you two!

Anonymous said...

Hey I tagged you on my blog!
How's your Monday going with no DP? So far so good for me but it's only 10:45

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! You hubby commented on you blog!! That is amazing right there!! Mine is what we call a "blurker!"

Happy Anniversary!! I liked the road back and then the years that followed. Your story is almost like mine but we didn't go to the same school just church. He was in the 3rd grade and I in the 4th!
He liked me for many many years. It took me that same time to feel the same way. We were best of friends and I think that is important!!

Have a wonderful time celebrating. Any plans???

Alicia @ said...

Happy Anniversary!! So sweet of your hubby to comment too!!! I will truthfully say that I indeed married my best friend also. Marriage is so wonderful and I just love it! I love all the pictures and story of the two of you!! Hope you have an extra special time celebrating!

Ashley said...

What a neat tribute! Your wedding dress was gorgeous!!!!