Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well....still trucking.

I had another sweet tea.....2 actually.....THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

Both my hubby and one of my best friends scolded me about it.

First off....thank you.....I need someone on my butt about it.

But, in the interest of "saving face:"

1. I'm looking at cutting the caffeine/sugar addiction
2. I'm looking at cutting HFCS.

CFA tea, to my knowledge does not have the HFCS.

YES...I do know it has a lot of sugar in it. I had just found out (and had it confirmed by my aforementioned friend) that the tea has 13 grams LESS sugar than DP.

AND, since I'm only (except for today) doing 22 oz of that vs. the near 64...well, I'm off on the right track.

I am aware of the fact that I could easily trade one addiction for the other. BUT, with my friend and my hubby watching me, I don't think it will happen.

And least for the next few days....I'M ABOUT TO START!!! CUT ME SOME SLACK!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Ok, so switching from your DP to the sweet tea has resolved issue number two and 13 grams of issue one. I will cut you a tiny bit of slack with you starting and all.

Anonymous said...

We went to dinner with some friends the other evening and since drinking Coke Zero I told the gal I would try my husband's diet coke before ordering. (I usually get MMMMmmm cherry coke at this rest.) So I tried it and it tasted fine. So my thing is to get off the sugar and so far I am making strides. SSSSSOOOOOO keep up the good work/try ~LL~!!!!