Monday, August 18, 2008


Seasons mean change. There are several "seasonal" type things going on today.

First off, my oldest 2 children started school today. I'm quite sad, actually, as I love having them home. But, I am glad to get back to some kind of schedule. I'm not ever as organized as I would like to be, but I do try....and I find it a bit easier during school.

Another thing is that we are having UNUSUAL seasonal weather. It is is mid-August in North Texas....meaning we are normally celebrating yet another day of 100+ temps....and have been for the last 20-30 days. However, right now, we are sitting at 74 degrees...outside....August 18....noon. WOW! And it is rainy.....wonderful.

Probably the most exciting event of the day is this......I had to go to CVS to get a replacement comb...apparently our other comb grew legs and walked away. a comb (actually 2) a brush and some gel for my kids' some hairspray for myself and headed toward the checkout counter. I passed the aisle right behind the candy (HALLOWEEN CANDY :D) and what did I see?


insert happy dance here...along with squeals of delight

I bought an apple spice candle just to celebrate!

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! Hope y'all have a great day!


R and R Stacy said...

That is so fuuny, I seem to be more organized when the kids are back at school too!
I'm loving the rain!

zoinatt said...

My kids started today too. As with you I find myself to be more organized and schedulized when their gone.
Seeing your countdown for Christmas makes me nervous I'm nowhere near ready yet.

Alicia @ said...

You are funny! Hope your boys had a good first day of school!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so I was at Walmart this weekend and they already have the halloween cards out, then someone said that hobby lobby and Michaels have their Christmas stuff out already. I am ready, I am ready to put my fall wreath on the door, the decorations and burn my fall/Christmas candles. In the words of my dear friend ~LL~

Anonymous said...

I'm not ready.
But then we actually have weather here to go with our decorations.

We use holidays to mentally survive the weather.

Our countdown is X days til Summer.

Seriously, you need to move North and gain some perspective.