Sunday, August 17, 2008

13 thoughts in 13 minutes

Is that what it was? If you click on my sidebar (Make you work...), my friend Claudia did this. She had tried it before, but alas, victory was not in her grasp. HOWEVER, she did it this time. I had thought about doing it and frankly, I forgot. SO....I will try now.

It is my understanding that you just type out 13 random per minute. As I am convinced that I have adult ADD, it should not be hard. So here goes:

1. OK, this is the first minute....hmmmm....I wonder if I need to figure out when to stop. Nope, I'll just keep up with the know? 13 ideas in 13 minutes? Let's see. 12 left. This is kind of a neat idea.....tag to any who want to do this.

2. Well, here I am, enjoying my quiet time. DS #4 is asleep (which makes for difficulties tonight, but I'm IN THE MOMENT.) My hubby has the other 3 at the movies, The Clone Wars. LOL! They are having a blast, I am sure. It is one last thing before school starts...TOMORROW!

3. Which leads us to school. I can't believe it. Summer is already over. My oldest is in 4th. He is nervous. He seems on the shy side and is nervous because there is one kid in there who has bullied him a bit in the past. I know boys will be boys, but this is MY boy we're talking about. Time for boxing lessons :D

4. So far, this doesn't seem too terribly hard....but I'm not even halfway done yet. My hubby made a brisket last night. We just bought a smoker. It was YUMMY! I might go grab a piece in just a minute.....actually, in about 9 minutes *grin*

5. Hmmm....that minute went a bit faster. So, I will have my younger 2 kids home with me. My 3rd could go to kinder this year, but we decided to keep him home one year. With his ear and maturity level and all....well, it's just the best thing to do. I intend to work with him on various skills.

6. Wow....did you know that the draft auto save goes every minute? I just saw that. I was watching my clock and saw a familiar "blip." How handy is that? I can see that a lot easier than I can see the clock that is a whole few inches away from my view.....but wait....did I just hear a car door? I might not get to finish.

7. Darn...the auto save does NOT go every minute. I'm at 4:59, but the auto save is at 4:58. I'm going to have to yell at the kids.....the auto save just went off again......

8. Now everyone is asking what I'm doing. I tried to explain....well, just said, "I'll explain in a minute" (actually about 5 away) that I would tell them why I can't talk...then DH comes in and says, "What are you doing? Folding laundry?" Yeah,'s obvious, ain't it? DUH!

9. I have some Christmas stuff to do. I don't know if I put the site on my blog, but you can go to is totally cool...for someone like me. I know that most won't look at it and those who do will laugh at me.....oh well......4 more things.

10. My efforts are bout to be thwarted by my family. ARGH!!! My 2nd son is sitting next to me...he just kicked his shoes off....OH MY GOSH!!! It stinks! BAD and DS #4 just came in here naked...totally. naked.

11. Can I do it? Hey...have y'all been watching the Olympics? Totally fun. Only one week to go. I enjoy almost everything on there...though I had to put in a Harry Potter movie because of withdrawal.......

12. Only 2 more.....only 2 more. So anyway, next week is my anniversary. I hope to do a big blog about that...I need to scan some pictures, but I'm challenged...short bus challenged in all things technical. Hopefully you'll see some pics to go with my words.

13. I am now on minute 13.....woohoo...go what cost? One kid in the back playing a game. Stinky feet beside me. Naked butt on the arm of the couch and number 3 dozing on the end of the couch.

Have a good Sunday.


Anonymous said...

You go girl! I don't know if I could do this, I could attmept to do it but maybe I will try this tomorrow on my blog. Ok the christmas website totally going to check that one out. So who does #4 have for teacher. we have Mr. W
See ya in the morning *grin* or not really but a really *sad grin*

Anonymous said...

Straight jacket please!

Ashley said...

Too fun! Way to put that adult ADD to good use! :)