Friday, August 22, 2008


So I don't even know how this is going to come this post was totally unplanned. I'll just start with the events that led to this.

My hubby....(sweet guy, you'd like him,) and I were talking on the phone today. Something we do a lot :) He tells me "You need to stop drinking Dr Pepper."

That statement is one that has floated around this house a lot. It comes in various forms:

"You should really stop drinking so much Dr Pepper."

"No telling how much weight you would lose if you stopped drinking Dr Pepper."

"You know you are addicted if you have to have one first thing in the morning."

I know...I KNOW....I KNOW!

There is nothing surprising here, really. I'm not a complete idiot and I am perfectly able to 'fess up to my problems.

"HI. I'm ~LL~ and I have a drinking problem."

It is almost my symbol...think of me, think of me with a DP in my hands. Think of DP, think of how I would like one.

I have my faves....Chick-fil-a has THE BEST fountain DP in Texas. There are 2 kinds of DP I LOVE....not like....LOVE.....regular Dr Pepper (with all its evil, high fructose corn syrup-y, goodness) and a Dublin....made with real cane sugar. (Those cost a LOT more than regular DP.)

SO...back to the original hubby calls with this statement. There was no "suggestion" in his voice, nor was he demanding. He was just telling me, as my hubby...the one I trust and love more than anyone on this earth....that for my health, I need to stop drinking the drink of champions.....this elixir to the gods.

I am saying nothing...mainly because I am busy nursing my daily CFADP (Chick-Fil-A Dr Pepper) at the mouth was busy. I quickly tally, in my head, the total daily intake. These numbers are not made up.

On a NORMAL day.....I have a 22 oz DP from CFA, then refill with 2 cans of my own stash....for a total of 46 oz.

On Sundays, I have a 20 ouncer by about 10:00 a.m., then at least 1-2 cans during the day.

On a bad, high stress day, it goes as much as 64+ ounces. I won't even start to calculate the grams of sugar or the other toxins that I happily ingest DAILY.

THEN, a low, down-right dirty trick, plays the "Biblical" card. He says to me that if I have something that I'm addicted to, it can't be Biblical. What I hear is this: "Your body is a temple....don't trash it." "If you have an addiction, it is an idol." "You tell your kids the same thing about PS2...practice what you preach." "Don't give yourself any serious health issues while you have children in the house." "Don't give yourself any health issues while you are still HAPPILY married and plan to be so for MANY years to come."

THEN I, myself, trump in with the "submission" card.

Now I don't expect a lot of you to understand where I am on this......and no offense, I don't expect those of you who don't understand to be as happily married as I am. Those of you who are, and are Christian, KNOW where I'm going with this.

I should submit to my hubby. And right now...that totally sucks!!! *stomping foot in a hiss* Yet, I know I need to do this.

I dumped 1/2 a CFADP. :( I even dumped about 1 liter from a bottle I had left. I can't cut cold turkey for 2 reasons: the severe headaches that I will get and the safety of my children. (Oh...and the fact that I have about 5 Dublins in my fridge right now......those are liquid don't just go dumping that stuff. Sure, there are those out there who would love a "Dublin donation," but honestly, I don't know if I like you that much.) LOL....JUST KIDDING!!!! (kind of)

So my plan is, tomorrow and Sunday, finish off the Dublins. THEN, when DH is home to keep my kids safe and to nurse me through my "detox" I will stop. I will drink some sweet tea to help with the sugar/caffeine issues, but not often.

Those of you who care....PLEASE pray for me. This is not going to be easy.....I joke about it, but it really is a problem for me....I'm seriously addicted to the stuff.

And one final note, (I'm already cranky) when you refer to Dr Pepper...PLEASE don't put a period after "Dr"'s not there...really, it's not....they dropped the period many moons ago. your support...please don't tell me how much DP YOU drink and how you are OK with's not's ME!


Catey said...

I am rofl at "all its evil, high fructose corn syrup-y, goodness" ! I am all for that! ;)

Seriously though-good for you! Without sounding preachy/condescending/mommyish, I hope you understand when I say that I'm proud of you! GL making it through the next few days-you can do it!
(i went through it with my daily M&M fix....) Prayers for you to make it through w/out too much of a withdrawal. :)

Anonymous said...

OOOOHHH.... LL! I am truly sorry for your loss. But also very proud of you. Your friends are here for you. We will love you through your cranky times :) I smile but I really mean it!! & I will mourn this loss of the beloved Dr with you today.

~LL~ said...

Catey....of all people reading, I knew YOU would probably understand more than most. :D Thanks.

Thanks, Alice....perhaps I should hold a memorial...we could serve DP...wait...bad idea :D

Anonymous said...

Ok, I am so glad that someone is going through what I am about to do. I am just as addicted to Coca~Cola as you are to your DP. I am getting ready to lay it down, flush it down, and throuw it out!!!
So maybe you and I can be each other's accountability partners. What do you say? Praying for ya sister!

~LL~ said...

Le....I'm there with ya, girl. We can email daily with our issues LOL!

I just checked...I have 3 8-oz Dublins...I'll do 3 tomorrow and 3 on Sunday. That is still cutting my intake in half. Then, come Monday.....I'm done. :( So sad, really....I feel like I'm saying good-bye to a dear friend.

~LL~ said...
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momto3_jjj said...

Well, I'm proud of you too! Seeing as how you know that people survive this very emotional and scary process! I am right there with ya! You know if I would have had any Dublins in my house at the time I quit that I'd drink them up for sure! On a positive note...I lost 5lbs. the first week I quit them! GL and you're in my prayers! Love ya!

Anonymous said...

No DP? What??? You were my only DP fan!! Here is what I did....or stumbled onto...

My DH bought Coke Zero for Mem Day. I cannot stand Diet Coke. So I tried Coke Zero! Not bad... So all I drink is Coke Zero. Then on vacation I found Cherry Coke Zero and it is good!! I know our Chick-fil-A has it too!!

But, when I go to places that don't have this product, that's when I get to "treat" myself to a sugary substance like Dr Pepper (notice no period) and I like the Coke mix at McDonalds. (Not the food just the coke)

You cannot just go cold turkey on caffiene. Your head will kill you...the word is "wean!"

I have tried Diet DP but I don't like it!!(that is what my dad called it. DP! When he was home for hospice, a few days before he died, I spooned him DP and he couldn't talk but you could tell he was liking it!!)

~LL~ said...

Miss Paula....that is why I'm going to have to start a drug habit. LOL! No....I'll drink sweet, fully-leaded, iced tea. That will help a bit.

And no, there is no DP zero.....and diet anything gives me severe headaches (I can't to aspartame). Caffeine free DP doesn't taste really good to me. (I don't care what they doesn't taste the same.)

I might just cut back to one (a BIG one) per week. I think my hubby has in mind the addiction more than what I'm addicted to. Nope...I'm working to cut it out to where I can take it or leave it.....*sigh* so sad.....

Anonymous said...

I am behind. I have been a little busy and computer was not part of the program. Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that sugar-free peach tea, sugar-free strawberry lemonade and sugar-free kool-aid really help one to get over the DP addiction. I only have one every few days.

Oh, and SONIC has the best DP fountain drinks around our parts and if you get out West, it has to be Taco Villa!

~LL~ said...

See...our Sonic local Sonic DP is totally gross...which I guess is good...I'm not tempted by it all the time. And yes...I agree about Taco Villa...good thing that's not around.....for more reason than the DP. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I quit drinking it in June. I'm officially DP free for 12 weeks now.
I DID go cold turkey.
I DO get migraines.
I had to take two shots and remember why exactly I take preventative medication every day.

I have had two diet DP's which I used think were total garbage and now think taste pretty darn good.

But sometimes a girl just needs a little caffiene. AND yesterday I saw a case of DP while buying school supplies and I actually started drooling. I'm not lying. So I bought a diet one instead.

If I can do it. ANYONE can.

Good Luck.

Ashley said...

Wow, I'm behind ... I know this is a BIG change, but you can do it!! I'm cheering you on!